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The difference between juicing and blending

May 3, 2017
leafy green for juicing and smoothies

Juicing Vs Blending

Juices and smoothies have been very popular for a few years now but there are still some questions about what the difference is between juicing and blending ( smoothies)
Juicing extracts the liquid from the fruits and vegetables and the fiber is separated and left behind. For this reason, it is easily digested. It is broken down so your body doesn’t have to do all the work. This is excellent if you have a weak digestive system or if you want to elevate your nutrient intake.

The truth is, our soil has become so nutrient poor over the years that it takes a lot more variety and larger amounts of vegetables to get a decent amount of micronutrients into our diets. With juicing you can double or even triple your intake and nourish your body more effectively.
It’s a great way to introduce yourself to live and fresh whole foods.  Juicing leaves you exhilarated, energized and happy! It’s like a juice transfusion. All the micronutrients are absorbed and ingested into the body immediately, for this reason, it is important to be aware that if you have a sugar imbalance that you don’t ingest fruit juices that could instantly spike up your sugar levels.

If Eating vegetables is a challenge for you, then juicing is a fantastic way to introduce your body to fresh vegetables and a more healing and wholesome diet. Creating healthy and healing recipes is the key to juicing. Recipes vary depending on your body’s needs and constitution. In the upcoming posts, I will create some tasty and introductory recipes for beginners and advanced juicers alike.

Juicing is considered the first step before moving on to a more advanced step like smoothies.



The History of Smoothies


Victoria Boutenko is the pioneer of the green smoothie. In 2004 Victoria had been a raw foodist for ten years already when she decided to search and find the perfect human diet. She realized that raw food alone was not enough. It didn’t incorporate enough leafy greens.

She studied chimpanzees and found that Chimpanzees share an estimated 99.4%. of their genes with humans. In her observation, she learned that the chimpanzee’s diet consisted of mostly greens and fruits. Another interesting find was that chimpanzees would sit all day and chew their food until it was liquefied, allowing easy digestion.

Through her observation and anatomy studies, she learned the best way for the human body to absorb greens was to have the greens enter the digestive tract in a liquefied form. Greens are high in cellulose which make it difficult for the body to break down.  Victoria discovered that smoothies were the solution to properly nourish our bodies and intake large amounts of greens at the same time.


They Both Have Their Unique Qualities 


In conclusion, juicing and smoothies have different effects on the body. They both have amazing qualities that aid the body in nourishing and healing itself. Juicing is much more gentle on the digestive system because of the fiber removal. With smoothies, all the fiber from your greens and fruit will remain fully in, making it more substantial. They will leave you full and it can be used as a meal replacement. On the other hand, juices are light,  hydrating and uplifting.

My husband and I love juicing and we love our smoothies. We even travel with our smoothie maker everywhere we go.

To have a more fulfilling experience we combine both juices and smoothies. We find it instrumental for well-being. We get all our vitamins, minerals, micronutrients, enzymes, chlorophyll, and phytonutrients from this combination. If we don’t combine we alternate. It is the only way we can guarantee our daily nutrients. Even if we don’t have access to super nutritious food the rest of the day, we feel great to at least have the foundation of our green liquids.
In addition to this, we make sure to juice and blend with high amounts of leafy greens. We don’t like to use too much fruit or any fruit at all. Remember, to obtain optimal health you’ve got to go green and clean.


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