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Tepoztlan and its natural beauty

February 4, 2017
tepoztlan mountain view

Tepoztlan is a small town located in the Mexican State of Morelos. It’s a popular tourist destination located, approximately, two hours from Mexico City, depending on traffic conditions. It is famous for the Tepozteco Mountain, the weekend market,  and Ex Convento de la Natividad.

The highlight of this place, personally, was hiking up the Tepozteco mountain.  I highly recommend this scenic hike.  It can be steep and strenuous at times, but so worth it.  Come prepared with comfortable sport shoes, water and time.  It can be challenging if you have altitude sensitivities.  It is breathtaking with its jungle ambiance, fresh air, and tropical atmosphere.  The whole journey can be completed within an hour or so.  Take your time and enjoy the view at the top.  It is the most incredibly breathtaking view you will experience <3

This old-fashioned town is lovely and lively with its rich historic feel.  One of the fun things to explore is the weekend market.  It is filled with so much life!  You will find homemade food, fragrant flowers, exotic fruits, fresh vegetables, handicrafts, traditional pottery, and so many happy,  friendly and heartwarming locals.  This is one of my favorite things about latin countries.  The people are so genuinely sweet 🙂

The main street has an array of food options…plenty of restaurants and cafes to choose from.  Our absolute favorite restaurant was Los Colorines.  It was highly recommended by local friends.  The decor is striking with lively and traditional colors. Plenty of vegan options like zucchini tacos, guacamole, handmade tortillas, as well as other unique dishes. Overall, the food was fabulous, fresh, tasty and just loved the presentation.  Don’t forget to try their famous tepoznieve.  It’s a traditional ice cream made by the locals.

Lastly, Ex Convento De La Natividad was absolutely gorgeous with its rustic architecture and beautiful layout.  This place added to the overall old world charm of this magical destination.  Tepoztlan was beautiful and memorable.  Looking forward to visiting again <3

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