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In Conversation with Raw Foodist Yukiko Artis

February 4, 2017
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By Patty Butz

Yukiko’s Plant Based Lifestyle


I am very happy to introduce to all of you, Yukiko Artis. She is a Raw Food Chef, Food Stylist, Photographer, and Designer. I’ve met many raw foodists, but Yukiko is truly special. Her creativity is especially impressive since she is self-taught. Everything comes naturally, organically and intuitively. It’s her love for eco- responsibility, appreciation for sustainability, and commitment to wellbeing that strongly drew me to her lifestyle.  Her passion for food and nutrition is evident in every meal she prepares. Her stunning presentations are incredibly inviting and leaves us with so much joy and amazement…More importantly, she brings so much consciousness, awareness, and beauty to everything she does. <3


Here is our conversation…


Samadhi Kitchen: Where did you grow up and where do you live now?

Yukiko: I grew up in Japan and live in California USA now.

SK:  What were your eating habits growing up?

Yukiko:  My mom’s homemade meals. I liked her Croquettes, which are rolled mashed potatoes and vegetables in breadcrumbs and fried until crisp and golden brown.

Samadhi Kitchen: Was there something specific that happened in your life that made you change your way of eating? 

Yukiko:  Nothing specific happened, I did not know about vegetarian/vegan diet and did not know anyone in vegan diet either. I feel everything has connected. Before being cooked vegan 9 years ago, I naturally had consciousness about environment and felt what I can do in my life style and have enjoyed changing my body and energy. I started changing my feminine pads from commercial chemical pads to reusable organic cotton as I had strong concern about feminine products & dippers, what’s chemical used and how much is the chemical leaking into soil and gives environmental impact. I experienced my body change rapidly not only blood color visually but mentally like feeling loving one’s body & soul more and appreciation to Earth planet more. Then I felt wrong using/getting plastic bags as I also felt recycling does not make sense (took too much earth energy, resources)  Also, I was making plant based natural skin care products since 4 years ago and enjoyed feeling a difference through my body.

Samadhi Kitchen:  Who was your inspiration during your transition? Who showed you or taught you how to create raw food meals?

Yukiko: Nobody. But I naturally sensed rapidly how to create raw foods so just followed. When I made I even did not know that was called raw foods. But just my tears came out sensing enormous beauty during creating and when I completed I felt I should express what I sense through photograph (even I did not have knowledge about photography). So I followed. I remember most of them time I pressed shutter with tears. I felt great.

Samadhi Kitchen: Noticed you use nothing but whole foods, natural ingredients. Do you make everything from scratch? 

Yukiko:  Yes.

Samadhi Kitchen: Are you eating fully raw? If so, how long have you been eating fully raw? 

Yukiko: No, mostly fully raw. I still use flax seeds, sun dried goji berries, raw sunflower seeds raw coconut oil (fair trade) etc. I feel any store selling packaging foods are not Fully raw.

Samadhi Kitchen: What is your favorite thing to make/create?

Yukiko:  Salad, as I enjoy changing combination based on what body says. I don’t use any nuts as I feel hard to digest and some nuts like raw cashew are not even raw.

Samadhi Kitchen:  What benefits, changes have you noticed with eating raw foods? More clarity? Brighter skin? Etc.

Yukiko: Yes! Brighter firmer skin, wrinkles disappeared, hair got stronger, be able to more concentration, feel more body and soul energy, see/feel well more clearly the connection, feel more absolute joy and energy to accomplish.

Samadhi Kitchen:  Do you take supplements as well or do you feel you are getting everything your body needs through raw food?

Yukiko:  I take everything needs through raw food. I tried take plant based supplement a few times but every time I felt I don’t need them from body so I followed. I feel great from my body & soul.

Samadhi Kitchen: Personally, I don’t like going to restaurants because the quality is not as ideal as what I make at home. Do you eat out at restaurants or avoid them all together? If so, do you have a favorite restaurant?

Yukiko: I avoid them as I can’t find here. But when I travel I will explore some but I’ve hardly found where I like.


A conscious and vibrant lifestyle


Samadhi Kitchen:  How do you stay raw when traveling?  This can sometimes be challenging.  Any tips on how to stay healthy on the go?

Yukiko:  Depends on how to travel, car or airplane. If it’s car, I will sprout beans, lentils, chickpeas all the time, I also carry organic raw foods in cooler box for easy access. Is it airplane, I would carry a small blender, so I can make smoothie, dressing etc with fresh organic produce what I get locally at where to stay.

 Samadhi Kitchen:  One of the multiple things I love about you is your passion for what you do. It really shows in everything that you do. In your beautiful vibrant raw meals, Your gorgeous photography, and your appreciation for your partner is very tangible. How do you stay in love with life and appreciation for what you do?

Yukiko: Wow thank you. All comes naturally from inside, soul through physical body what I choose as the best for enhance consciousness, circulation. Since I was a child I felt my soul. When I was a child my tear came out by overflowing the joy (beauty, balance, love) what I sense, but I did know how to express what I sensed as peoples around are not ready yet. Then sooner I felt the other souls, path and I saw everything as myself. I felt I am loving, wrapping all, no matter what ones choose. Then I gradually sensed joy to know the way express and felt my energy circulation in every way since I was a junior high school. I saw peoples around includes my family had been changing to more higher frequency.

 Samadhi Kitchen: What advice would you give anyone that is considering going raw? What can they start incorporating into their diets?

Yukiko: Do your own research, watch what foods you combine and be patient. All are different and it can take time for not only your mind and body to adjust but to find what you like and what works for you.

Making a snack food available that lasts a few days will be great when you are on the go.

Samadhi Kitchen:  What is next for you? 

Yukiko: I am currently finishing a website which will sell all products I create including Skin Care Products, Natural Fiber Clothing and some of my Raw Creations locally. I feel a joy to circulate a way of my creation. It is my visual energy expression.

Samadhi Kitchen:  How can people find you on social media?

Yukiko: Here is my FB ( and website (


Quick Questions

Do you have a favorite fruit or vegetable? 

Right now, I feel zucchini.

Do you have a daily ritual that you commit to? 

No, just follow(answer, express, circulate) what I feel at that time.

Do you meditate? Practice yoga?

No. I tried to meditate but my tears came out with joy, appreciation, beauty and felt I don’t need it. I feel even breathing is meditation, naturally meditate all the moment. The flow of energy and its circulation. I tried practice yoga by myself but I felt unnecessary, I just do stretch and feels great.

Favorite country you’ve traveled to and why?

New Zealand. It was my first country where I travelled to and travelled both of island by playing instrument(flute) with other members when I was 18. I remember my tears came out by sensing what I felt was right. I felt finally I could breathe by came out Japan since I was a child I felt I am in a wrong place. It has been quite a while since I had been there but I remember there was very beautiful nature there.

A place you would love to travel to?

South Georgia Island as I want to feel myself through nature and wildlife there.


Yukiko’s Biography

Yukiko Artis is a naturally inspired Organic raw foods chef, food stylist, photographer, and designer. Yukiko feels joy in the creation process and passionate about eco-responsible, fair trade, sustainable practices, and lifestyle.

Yukiko is inspired to share with others her experience with Organic Raw Foods and an environmentally humane lifestyle.

Yukiko recently launched a new website which includes Photography, Hand Crafted Eco-Friendly Clothing, Organic Cotton Pouches and Organic Raw Cookies for sale.

Born in Japan, Yukiko has been living in the San Francisco Bay Area since 2004.

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