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Iceland’s Magical Northern Lights

January 31, 2017

Northern Lights — a dream come true

Since the beginning of our journey to Iceland, our fascination has always been to experience the Northern Lights. We were obsessed with the idea of dancing lights throughout the Icelandic skies. This chasing of the lights went on for two and half years. It didn’t come easily. There are few things that need to happen in order see the Northern Lights — perfect weather and some luck. The highest activity is said to happen between  August through April.

On our first trip,  we booked an excursion with a local tour company in Reykjavik. We boarded a bus and drove away from the city lights onto a more secluded and rural area with little to no lights. Everyone on the bus was just as excited as we were. People traveled from all over the world in hopes of this once in a lifetime opportunity. I have never seen so many professional cameras in such a small space. Many propped up their tripods and camera equipment ready for some light action. Unfortunately, after a couple of hours of waiting for the lights to appear but we were unlucky…it didn’t happen for us. In the end,  we all went back to the city, disappointed.

Journey to a house far away from the city

We are fortunate to have the opportunity to visit Iceland multiple times a year. It gave us a higher chance of experiencing this phenomenon. Our friend’s father let us stay in his summer home for a few days. This place was nestled far away from the bright lights of the city. It was completely secluded with no sign of life for miles. It was so magical and peaceful. Imagine being out in the middle of nowhere with these glorious lights, the Aurora Borealis,  dancing all around you. We cried with such gratitude and found a deeper respect for this magical universe. We were so fortunate to have been visited by this “spirit” for those moments. It truly felt like we were connecting to another dimension  😉


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